Christmas Day 2016

As Christmas day 2016 falls on a Sunday this year, I couldn’t really not post about it, but this is being written on Boxing day (eek) !However I thought I’d share with you what I ate on Christmas day as a vegetarian…

After opening presents I went for a Christmas dog walk with my dad for around half an hour before returning home.

Breakfast- 10:00

Cinnamon French toast with banana nice cream and Pip & Nut coconut almond butter.


During the day I snacked on a few of my stocking fillers like dark chocolate coated seeds from marks and spencer’s and a few segments of terry’s dark chocolate orange. At around 1 o’clock I had some sweet chilli and lime lentil curls and plain houmous along with an orange which lasted me till dinner…

 Christmas Dinner-4:00

For my Xmas dinner I had a homemade nut roast, roasted parsnips, roasted sweet potatoes, kale, green beans and cranberry sauce and gravy.

This was absolutely delicious, and my first ever vegetarian roast turned out to be the best roast I’ve ever had, perfect alongside a glass of bucks fizz! Absolutely stuffed as usual but what is Christmas for!?

 Pudding- 6:30

Once we had all made room for sweet, out came my dad’s gluten free almond flour cake with plum sauce. I had this served with Alpro coconut ice-cream.


A little later on, because it’s Christmas, I helped myself to some more chocolate from my stocking pile as well as having a few handfuls of grapes whilst everyone else had cheese and biscuits.

Finally, I hope anyone who reads this gains some ideas for there next Christmas, or finds a recipe for them to enjoy. If you would like any recipes that aren’t linked here just contact me with the email provided. Merry Christmas!!!

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